Dsi prophet 08 patches

Dave smith instruments prophet rev 2 sound on sound. Really 10 times better than the ones that came with the rev2. I find that i have more fun playing around with mono synths and having feltexperienced a connection w this instrument in that way. Prophet 08 outrun comes with professional bread and butter patches covering the basis of synthwave and outrun genres a total of 64 highquality patches including mellow pads, lush synth licks, as well as smooth basses and crystal clear plucks. I think at the heart of it, the 12 has much depth and breadth. Prophet 08 outrun carma studio proudly presents prophet 08 outrun. These patches have been professionally created by tim mantle of psalm37audio.

Unfollow dsi prophet 08 to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. I just now actually tried the prophet 08 patches on the rev2 had to restart because most of them didnt make a sound. Im pretty sure you can upload any mopho or tetra patch to the p08 as long as the patch is saved in sysex format. The video above shows patches 76 to 100, the rest can be seen on the geosynths web page listed below. Dsi prophet 08 tetra mopho trance edm patches rev4. Dave smith instruments prophet 08 pe keyboard synthesizer. Two banks 256 patches for the prophet08 sequential forums. Sounds from popular anjunabeats and armada releases. Looking back, the chattering classes had significant misgivings when dsi did so, but the prophet 08 won over many although, if were honest, not all of the doubters, and paved the way for the prophet 12 and the pro 2, the prophet 6 and the ob6, all of which have offered different flavours of hybrid analoguedigital synthesis. Some sounds that i programmed with my dsi prophet 08 analog synthesizer.

All 100 patches are made and here is the the 2nd video of 4. Will work on a dsi tetra or mopho without alteration. Prophet rev2 soundeditor is a fullyfeatured editor and sound development tool created specifically for dave smith instruments prophet rev2 synthesizer. Its been out for around 10 years and in many respects was the start of the analogue revival, which has also increased over the same amount of time. The downloadable file in the sidebar at the right contains all of the factory program banks for the prophet 08 keyboard and desktop module. If you purchased directly from us, there is no need to register. F5d prophet 08 demo by f5d published on 20140209t20. Get the best deals on prophet 08 when you shop the largest online selection at. This sound set focuses especially on pads, layered and evolving sounds, percussion, and arpeggios. Prophet rev2 users guide getting started 1 getting started the prophet rev2 is a 816voice polyphonic synthesizer with analog oscillators, filters, and amplifiers. The prophet 8 analog synth and created my own soundpatches that to me, are some very warm and brassy sounding with very smooth realtime manual knob twisting. I used four patches from the factory presets for the prophet 8 and three of my own patches. Power input connect the power supply included with your prophet 08.

Comparing the prophet 08 to the prophet rev2 the prophet 08 sound engine is nearly identical to the newer prophet rev2 synthesizer. Originally posted by darwinsfox found it, thanks a lot. Sequential prophet x, sequential prophet 6, prophet 12, prophet 08, prophet rev2. Do you still have any plans to release some p08 patches. The rev2 can load all previous prophet 08 patches the rev 1. Each preset makes of full use of the modulation wheel as well as all four assignable parameter knobs and each has a unique name for easy identification. What have i missed they are such beautiful patches. Dsi prophet rev2 i originally had a tetra, this then grew into 2 tetras, but it was still a pain to edit, so i got a prophet 08. Previously weve made patches galore for mophotetraevolver synths.

Polyphonic patches may need some tweaking to sound their best in the mopho and tetra synthesisers. In addition to the standard prophet 08 features, the special edition includes red lighted pitchbend wheels, exotic leopardwood end panels, and a special commemorative overlay signed. One of the things ive been doing with the prophet 08 that im borrowing is playing through the presets. A flagship analog poly synth by synth artisan, dave smith.

Luke neptunes vintageclassic soundset 100 patches inspired by the synth sounds of yesteryear. Dsi prophet08 editor vstau by codeknobs patch editor. Store proudly presents 128 custom presets soundset for dsi prophet 08rev. The power supply comes with different ac adaptor prongs that allow it to work anywhere in the world. If for whatever reason you need to use a different supply.

The prophet 08 can be seen as two synths with 4 channels of polyphony, indeed, we are free to use all 8 channels to create the patch, or use 4 and 4 is to split the keyboard is to enrich the by superimposing the two patches. The prophet 08 has several inputs and outputs on its back panel. This is an essential collection of sound patches for dave smith instruments prophet 08 hardware synthesizer. Prophet 08 desktop dave smith instruments audiofanzine. There are a few upgrades and changes that the rev2 has. Its a real beast, 99% modular synthesizer in proficient hands. The prophet 08 patches are now available for purchase. This is a cursed architecture, wherein changing a patch in one program will often wreck another.

Before we made lots of patches for mophotetraevolver synths and now time for prophet had come. Prophet rev2 sound editor provides the ultimate editing and sound development experience by displaying all prophet rev2 program parameters in a single. Its a great machine, almost modular synthesizer in experienced hands. For many patches this makes no difference, but if y. Whats more and unlike some vintage analogue synths the prophet 08 does not use a central repository of patches to build its programs. It is compatible only with the prophet rev2 synthesizer. Check out the video below and see one way to get a solid bass patch on the dave smith instruments prophet 08. Free shipping on many items browse your favorite brands. Dsi prophet rev2 patches, presets and sound design. Download royalty free prophet 08 outrun presets for dsi.

So when you do a sysex dump from your x4 in p08 format, these parameters are not included. Custom patches for the dsi prophet rev2 sonicstate. Creativespiral free original prophet 08 programs the rev2 can load all previous prophet 08 patches the rev 1. Geosynths told us, the rev2 is worthy of the name prophet as it stands on the shoulders of the highly popular. Prophet 08, mopho, tetra patches theres also this thread where people discuss the patches. Sequential prophet x, sequential prophet6, prophet 12, prophet 08, prophet rev2. Geosynths has just completed a bank of custom patches, revolution vol 1, for the dsi prophet rev2 and has posted six youtube videos to demonstrate them. Stream f5d prophet 08 demo by f5d from desktop or your mobile device. The library features bass, leads, keys, and pads, as. But then, the other prophet models werent a prophet5, either. Dsi prophet rev2 synth patches synth presets geosynths. Naturally, youll lose the sub osc or extra layers that might be defined in mopho or tetra patches.

The prophet 8 analog synth and created my own soundpatches that to me, are some very warm and. A handful of recreations of classic sounds of famous 80s songs. Prophet08 editor vst is a vst plugin editor for dave smith instruments prophet08 synthesizer. The patches should load into bank 1 and 2 of your prophet08. Created to ease sound designing and get the most power of your prophet08. Dsi prophet rev2 patches exploring prophet soundset by. Tim is credited on the factory sounds of korg prologue, imonopoly, dave smith prophet 12 and pro 2. Demo to compare the sound of the prophet 8 and rev2 playing the same patches. Some patches might sound strange due to the differences between the tetra and.

The prophet 08 is an 8voice polyphonic synthesizer with a 100% analog signal path. Originally programmed on a prophet 08, these patches are also compatible with its successor, the prophet rev2, and all mopho and tetra models. Before we made lots of patches for mophotetraevolver synths. Using dave smiths prophet 08 to create a punchy bass sound. To celebrate, dsi issued the prophet 08 special edition. Dave smith instruments the official dsisequential forum. Listen to the sounds, twiddle some knobs, have some fun. The majority of its soundshaping controls are located on its front panel, putting a tremendous amount of power and versatility within easy reach.

Have all the incredible analog sound you would expect from a dave smith instruments synthesizer, with the ease and reliability of modern day vsts, its truly the. Published on may 20, 2017 geosynths continuing with making patches for the prophet 6, which are inspired by others ive made for the ob6. Sunsine audio has released a new set of 128 presets for the dsi tetra, mopho, and prophet 08 synthesizers. A quick demo of my prophet 08 patches and weak keyboard skills showcasing the more modern, rhythmic, and strange side of the prophet 08. On other threads we have talked about how to keep the prophet 08 in production, including ways that it could be updated. In the prophet 08, there are 512 distinct patches comprising the. The year 2008 marks 30 years of great dave smithdesigned synthesizers. Free original prophet 08 programs the rev2 can load all previous prophet 08 patches the rev 1.

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